Learn The Ropes

Are you brand new to investing? Does this all sound overwhelming? We are here to help. By signing up with The Stock Market Guys we will provide you with insight into our investment strategies and give you tips and advice for growing your personal portfolio, even if you have no investment experience!

Wide Range of Stocks

We’re not limited to US stocks. We scour the market for all stocks that match our criteria and share them with you. These are stocks from all over the world, ranging from China to Colombia, and back to The United States. We have found that having a global approach not only increases our chances of finding worthwhile investments, but diversifies our holdings in a beneficial manner.

Advanced Algorithm

We’ve developed an advanced algorithm to perfectly narrow down the best stocks for investors. This is the “secret sauce” to The Stock Market Guys investing strategy. Instead of having to spend hours a day digging through potentially undervalued stocks, we are able to directly provide them to subscribers. The time savings alone will help build a portfolio faster than ever thought possible.

Made for Retail Investors

Our strategy is based on retail investment volume. Institutional investors would not be able to see the returns that individuals are able to achieve because they are focused on blue chip investments. Our strategies are built for portfolio sizes under $10Million USD and look for micro, small and medium cap stocks.

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