Who we are

Want to know more about us? The Stock Market Guys are Landon and Adam, two friends who wanted to make investing a bit easier for everyone. Both of us come from a financial background in some form or another, and we have both been pretty keen on the stock market for quite a few years. We came together over a love of value investing and through reading and talking about the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letters.

We laid the groundwork for Stock Market Guys in the beginning of 2015 and launched at the end of the same year. It was a pretty straight forward idea: make investing easier and more interesting for everyone. We wanted to increase knowledge of value investing across the internet, and in the process try and learn a bit more ourselves.

What we do

We really only have one goal, and that is to make making money easier. On the internet there is far too great signal to noise ratio, and StockMarketGuys.com aims to bring that down a bit. We have a simple strategy, invest in businesses that are more valuable than their current price and do it as well as possible. This strategy is not as straightforward as it sounds, so we have worked very hard on a few methods that help us identify the aforementioned businesses. We over a service that reveals these stocks, as well as a blog that can be considered a knowledge base of information relating to our process.

How we do it

The short answer is, we keep learning and keep teaching. The long answer is that we provide several free and several premium services for investors to take advantage of to increase their ability to invest. These services are primarily run through our shop and our knowledge base. [link] We are always keeping up to date on the latest news and strategies so we can share them with our subscribers. We currently are employing a stack of proprietary software to determine the best available deep value stocks. Unsure what a deep value stock is? check out “what is net-net?” The Stock Market Guys are constantly improving the process and the site as whole, so make sure to leave us some feedback on what we can do to make the site or the services better! Click Here

Why we do it

The answer is really simple, we understand that if this type of resource had been available when we were getting started things would have been easier to learn and improved our skills much faster. We believe that more intelligent investors means more informed decisions and greater overall good for the market as a whole.

What it means

It means that with a few clicks, someone who is a novice or someone who is veteran to investing can learn what they need to about markets, and value investing as a whole. The ability to determine if an investment is worthwhile or not is the greatest tool anyone can have and we believe that this site can help make that tool a reality. This site is always growing and forever changing to keep up with the most recent information and build the knowledge base. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter! [link] to keep learning!


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