The Stocks

Q: What size are the stocks in the report?

A: There is no specific size of company we target, however typically they will range from micro cap to small cap.


Q: Are the stocks in the report “penny” stocks?

A: No, but some stocks will be very inexpensive. Penny stocks are typically equated with OTC markets and that is not what these stocks are. Sometimes stocks will be found at less than a dollar, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. We are looking at small and sometimes microcap companies because those are the businesses with the largest upside. Other times they will be well over a dollar, simply because the opportunities for net net stocks present themselves in many ways.


Q: What markets do the stocks come from?

A: For the time being, all stocks are being found on the NYSE – in the future this may change as international markets develop.

Q: What does NCAV mean?

A: Net Current Asset Value, or more simply Total Company Assets Minus Total Company Liablities.

Q: Are there enough net net stocks out there to invest in?

A: Certainly! Although opportunities have been reduced in the past decade or so, there are still a large array of newly available and newly undervalued stocks on a regular basis. Our system looks for companies that are

Your Membership

Q: Can I get a refund if I don’t like the product?

A: Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product, once you sign up – you have full access to the materials and we are unable to offer refunds after the membership has been purchased.

Q: What are the fees associated with the membership?

A: The only fees associated with a membership to The Stock Market Guys are the monthly or yearly subscription fees.

Q: What is included in the membership?

A: Your Membership will include: Access to our database of past Net-Net Stocks, Monthly Delivery of The Curated List of New Net-Net Stocks, Monthly Investment Advice and Personal Investment Insight, Free access to upcoming Stock Market Guys Features

Q: How often will I receive the screener?

A: You will receive a new list and detailed writeup on each stock on a monthly basis.

Q: How does it work?

A: Using an in house algorithm designed to include multiple input sources and sorting factors we are able to determine the best current option for potential net net stocks available at a given time.

Q: How will I receive it?

A: You will receive an email once monthly with an excel spreadsheet (.xls/.xlsx) with the newest net net stocks and all data about them included.

The Stock Market Guys

Q: Who are The Stock Market Guys?

A: We’re a couple of friends who met in college and are trying to make investing easier for everyone. Check out the About Page!

Q: What do The Stock Market Guys do?


Q: Why was this site created?

A: We felt that we have the skills and knowledge necessary to create a space for regular investors to learn more about the process of stock investing. There are many places on the web that offer something similar, but we feel that being retail investors ourselves – we have a perspective that lines up with our user base and can relate to people looking to invest.