You may have heard the term “Net-Net” or “Net Current Asset Value” (NCAV) before, but aren’t entirely familiar with what they mean.

Our hope is to familiarize users with these terms and help them learn how they can take advantage of these investing strategies themselves.


To learn about Net-Net you must first understand Deep Value (DV) Investing. In basic terms DV investing is simply an attempt at finding stocks that are trading at a market price that is lower than the market value. Deep Vaule Stocks are stocks that are intrinsically worth more than people are currently paying for them. Should be simple to find something like that right? If only it were that easy! Finding a DV Stocks is like finding the goose that laid the golden egg. It sounds difficult, and it is, but it is certainly possible.

So what is Net-Net? essentially the term describes looking at a company’s net assets vs its net liabilities and finding the remaining value of the company. It is an investment strategy that does not pay attention to external metrics such as who the CEO is, what sector the company is in, Market Capitalization etc. This investment style was first described by Benjamin Graham more than 50 years ago.

Some people believe Net-Net stocks are a thing of the past. Afterall the strategy came from a time when Stock Information was not so readily available. The truth is, Net Net stocks are difficult to come by, but with the right information and metrics, they can be found. We have developed a system that discovers any available net-nets and additionally displays the degree to which they are undervalued.

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